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From Jamie Browning <jamie.brown...@exponent.co.uk>
Subject Re: All quiet on the SVG front
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:11:16 GMT
Cameron McCormack wrote:

>>But who owns Batik? Apache or the current "committers"? This IS an 
>>important point. We (my company) wish to use Batik in our projects, but 
>>we need to have a clear idea about where it is going and what sort of 
>>support we may/may not need to anticipate. The example I used was 
>>Rendering Custom Content (RCC) which is proposed in the SVG 1.2. spec.
>(Which has been dropped in favour of XBL.)
Has it? Where have you read/seen this?

>  I don't think forking Batik
>is a good idea.  Just get some life in to the project in the form of
>some more developers.  
I agree

>I saw Vincent at the webapps workshop the other
>week, but I didn't speak to him. :/
I imagine all those guys are pretty depressed at the current state of 
affairs. And to be fair it has shamed me in to taking more notice of the 
Users list and attempting help out if I can.


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