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From "Felipe Rech Meneguzzi" <fel...@cpts.pucrs.br>
Subject Contributing to Batik
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 14:18:13 GMT
Hello Batik Developers,


            I would like to know how someone can submit contributions to batik.

The reason for my question is that we have created an implementation of an SVG to PS/EPS transcoder
for Batik in our research lab and, if any one is interested in having it we would gladly give
it to the community.

We implemented it mainly because we have not found any free SVG to EPS converter which did
not transform text construct into complex path outlines in the resulting EPS, and thus creating
unnecessarily large files.


If any one in the community is interested in it please send me an e-mail.





M.Sc. Felipe Rech Meneguzzi

HYPERLINK "mailto:felipe@cpts.pucrs.br"felipe@cpts.pucrs.br

Project Administrator / Researcher

Centro de Pesquisa em Software Embarcado (CPSE)



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