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From Roland Kofler <roland.kof...@endlos.at>
Subject Re: how to increase an image resolution in PDF Transcoder
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:37:31 GMT
Keiron Liddle suggested to post this issue to batik-dev:
 I patched the PDFGraphics2D class to get a better resolution for Images. 
Keiron gave me the hint that i may have to increase the Dimensions of the 
BufferedImage() to do this. Now, I dont get a better image resolutions, 
although the file size increases. I think it must be related to the fact 
that the BufferedImage is downscaled to the documents resolution before 
(and without the use of an observer for loss-less scaling)

 I'm quiet new to the code, I go ahead and try hard to understand what 
 Any hint is very appreciated!

	roland kofler

 My Files

 tmpx3.pdf ...made with 3x image buffer tmpx6.pdf ...made with 6x image 
buffer (Not includet due to filesize restrictions for the mailing list 
116KB) tmp.svg   ...source

 the linked pic is at

 PDFGraphics2D.java ...patched class with the constant 
IMAGE_RESOLUTION_FACTOR to experiment with the buffer dimension.

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