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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <fiol.bon...@terra.es>
Subject Re: Extending batik: simplest "transparent" element
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 13:00:10 GMT
>     I must say that I have a few reservations about the general
>technique of adding new elements to SVG.  I don't really know what
>your constraints are but you might consider using a transformation
>language like XSLT to map your custom grammer into standard SVG.

I will use some brain cycles to process that idea. I had not previoulsy 
thought of that.

>     However if you really need to be able to use Java2D to do
>rendering of the element this approach is probably the only feasable

I need no Java2D at all. But I need to make things 
appear/disappear/change depending on (a set of) Java variables which 
represent the state of an automation system.

So, to use XSLT I would have to generate some dynamic XML which would 
change only a little bit, every time a variable changes. Then I would 
have to do an entire transform, and an entire render.

If I use custom "g" components that make their content be rendered/not 
rendered, I only would need to do the entire render, thus being much 
more efficient.

>AFB> What I did:
>AFB> Created a DOM extension.  Created a bridge extension.  Created an
>AFB> element.  Created a bridge.
>AFB> If I launch the browser loading a file which contains the
>AFB> <ext:wrapper> thing, I see the constructors being called, for the
>AFB> bridge, and for the element.
>AFB> However, the bridge method for generating a GVT node are NEVER
>AFB> called.
>AFB> Why is that?
>     I suspect that you are not registering them with the DOM
>implementation or the BridgeContext.  If not you probably want to look
>at batik.extensions.svg.BatikDomExtension, and
>batik.extensions.svg.BatikBridgeExtension.  Note that on top of
>writing these classes you need to create a 'services' file, take a
>look at the contents of 'xml-batik/resources/META-INF/services/', and
>'http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/docs/guide/jar/jar.html#Service Provider'.

I did look at those files, and used the registering methods at them 
(copy+paste+modify to suit my names).

I created the services file and...

the constructors of my custom element _and_ bridge *are* both called.

But then, once constructed, the bridge is *not* used at all.

The constructor is probably called at the registering stage.

May I send you the sources I have for you to look at? I am relly stuck 
on this.

Thank you very much for all your attention.

Antonio Fiol

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