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From "t h" <r_dibl...@hotmail.com>
Subject Documentation and Is there Trouble with Mac OS X or Not?
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 00:16:56 GMT
Hello Batik Team,

I have been going over the xdoc again ;-) ....as I learn more about Java2D 
...I understand Batik more :-).....so I have a question that I would like to 
solve once and for all.

I have two Questions

Question 1:

In index.xml I have notice this paragraph:

Batik makes it easy for Java based applications or applets to deal with SVG 
content. For example, using Batik's SVG generator module, a Java application 
or applets can very easily export its graphics into the SVG format. Using 
Batik's SVG processor and SVG Viewing component, an application or applet 
can very easily integrate SVG viewing capabilities. Another possibility is 
to use Batik's modules to convert SVG to various formats, such as raster 
images (JPEG,PNG or Tiff).

What the heck is the SVG processor and SVG Viewing component?

I have no idea what the SVG processor is :-(

I think the SVG Viewing component is the JSVGCanvas Component?

Question 2:

I have notice on SVG Developers group that there are claims of problems of 
Batik not Working with Mac OS X!! ....are there any issues that need to 
addressed for Mac OS X or is Mac OS X and "Jaguar" ( New Mac OS X update ) 

Right Now the Batik website addresses two issues about Mac OS X:

I'm using Mac OS X, and some of the SVG files I view are messed up (things 
appear clipped or out of place). What do I need to do to fix this?

I cannot run the Batik demo on Mac OS X (10.1.1). The Batik splash screen 
hangs. What is happening?

Are there any issues that need to be added to the FAQ page or need to be 
taking away?

Thank you for you time ....you are all doing a great job....

We all learn by sharing what we know
Robert A . DiBlasi

Robert A. DiBlasi

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