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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject IMPORTANT: Interface change in UserAgent classes
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 12:35:10 GMT

Hi all,

   In an effort to clarify some of the internal methods functions we
are in the processes of unifying the getPixelToMM/getPixelToMillimeter
methods in a number of UserAgent related classes with the DOM method
getPixelUnitToMillimeter method.  At the same time we have pushed some
additional methods into the UserAgent and SVGUserAgent classes that
had been waiting for an appropriate moment.  The following is a high
level summary of the changes.

Methods in the processes of renaming:
  ...bridge.UserAgent.getPixelToMM              -> getPixelUnitToMillimeter
  ...dom.svg.SVGContext.getPixelToMM            -> getPixelUnitToMillimeter
  ...util.UnitProcessor.Context.getPixelToMM    -> getPixelUnitToMillimeter
  ...css.engine.CSSContext.getPixelToMillimeter -> getPixelUnitToMillimeter

Added to bridge.UserAgent, and swing.svg.SVGUserAgent:
   float getMediumFontSize()
   float getLighterFontWeight(float);
   float getBolderFontWeight(float);


   For release 1.2B3 both the old and new versions of these methods
will exist in the UserAgent classes, The 'old' methods will call the
new methods in all of our implementations of the interfaces.

   Shortly after 1.2B3 the 'old' methods will be removed.  It is not
reasonable to deprecate this method as an intermediate step as it
causes all implementors of the interface to get a deprication warning.

   My commit that includes these additional methods will follow

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