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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Porting Batik to a PDA...
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 19:16:17 GMT

I was quite interested in the same thing.  I had even done a port (now 
abandoned).  For me the central problem was being tied to JFrame.  See 
I have also shoved PocketPC off my iPAQ and put on first backdown, then 
pushing that aside for www.savaje.com, which I hoped to make obsolete 
with Jesktop.  I will come back to that but am sidetracked on other 
opensource projects for time being (AltRMI & EOB 
http://eob.sourceforge.net/ )

See my posting of 23rd Jan 2002 -> 

- Paul H

>Hello All,
>I went through the code to see what would be required to port Batik over to
>a PDA.  As I suspected, Java2D would need to be implemented to port the code
>as is.  The other option is to rewrite Batik to not use Java2D.  This would
>basicly be like starting from scratch.  Left with these two options, I
>decieded to put Linux back on my PDA.  I could then run a full J2RE 1.3.1,
>with Swing and Java2D (blackdown.org has a version that will run on Compaq
>iPAQ).  I tried to use the svgbrowser, but I ran out of memeory.  I had only
>32mb and no swap space.  Using JSVGCanvas I was able to get the sample
>barchart running.  It was not very fast, but it did work.  Because, porting
>Batik to J2ME would be a very difficult feat, and I am able to run the code
>as is on my PDA, I am going to give up on porting Batik for now.  I would
>still like to help with the project in some way. What I would like, is to
>help optimize the code and add XFroms support.  This I will leave for
>another email.
>Anthony Mills
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