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From Ahmad Morad <mo...@db.informatik.uni-kassel.de>
Subject SVGDocument
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 15:21:37 GMT

A very simple question! I have an InputSource which is the stream of a 
socket. I want to read the SVG data from this stream and produce a SVGDocument
which I can visualize with JSVGCanvas. 
   private SVGDocument readSVGData(InputSource is) {

      // SVGDocument doc = SAXSVGDocumentFactory.createDocument(is);???
      return doc;  

I don't find any solution avoiding of first producing a "plain/xerces" DOM 
Document and then "deep" Copy this Document to produce a SVGDocument. 

Stephane, don't get angry about me. I think the creation of a SVGDocument 
must be easier! 

Maybe the DocumentBuilder class must be configurable with DOMImplementation 
in order produce directly an SVGDocument, HTMLDocument from an uri, or 
InputSource (Ok! this is a xerces topic!). 

What about something like: 
SAXSVGDocumentFactory.createDocument(InputSource)!!! Why do we need the uri 
for creating an SVGDocument???

PS. Could any body tell where could I find more documentation about the BATIK 
    SVGDom impelemtation and the realtion to xerces dom implementation. ??

Thanks a lot,

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