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From Prajakta Bhanage <prajaktabhan...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: entity selection and max. size of svg using batik
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2001 08:32:29 GMT
Thanks for the help... 

Another imp. thing - i got an "OUTOFMEMORY" error when
displaying a 2 MB file..

I would also like to know 1 more thing - i have a w3c
document, and would like to convert it into
svgdocument, and give this document for display in the
JSVGCanvas... if anyone can help me in this, it would
be great...


--- Thomas E Deweese <thomas.deweese@kodak.com> wrote:
> >>>>> "PB" == Prajakta Bhanage
> <prajaktabhanage@yahoo.com> writes:
> PB> I would like to know if there is any way in
> which i can select a
> PB> single entity in SVG. I am using JSVGCanvas to
> display SVG and i
> PB> need to modify a part of the drawing displayed. 
> The only way I
> PB> can think as of now is by using mouse events in
> java, and
> PB> modifying the svg/xml, and redisplaying it....
> PB> I would appreciate any more i/p on this..
>     Well, I think you have it right, in Batik you
> need to capture the
> mouse clicks (there is support for this in GVT and
> of course DOM).
> Then you need to modify the elements and redisplay.
>     There exists a text selection API in Batik but
> there is no element
> selection API.  In general there isn't a good way to
> "select"
> something since you never know what it will be over.
>  Text selection
> does it's best but it tends to either be really ugly
> (Xor mode) or not
> always as high contrast as is desirable (transparent
> overlay).
>     Anyway I would look at the Text selection stuff
> if you are happy
> with what it does it should be fairly straight
> forward to add a
> similar element selection overlay to the
> JSVGCanvas...
>     There are also issues around scaling (so an
> element could be a
> small fraction of one pixel or many times the size
> of the viewport).
> PB> I would also like to know the maximum size of
> SVG that
> PB> can be displayed using JSVGCanvas using the
> listeners
> PB> provided by batik like the
> GVTTreeRendererListener
> PB> I have an SVG of 94 KB size, and it surely takes
> away
> PB> my patience to open it and display...
>     Well I've brought up a 1.5Mb file in 34sec, and
> I've seen 10K
> files that take a minute or two.  So it depends a
> lot on what is in
> the file.  If you are curious about where all that
> time is going you
> can go to Edit->Preferences...->Browser
> Options->Show Debug Trace
>     This will show time for load (parsing XML),
> build (building GVT
> tree from XML DOM), Rendering Prep (mostly text
> layout), Rendering
> (actually rendering the document, this is the only
> part that is
> repeated for each drawing...).
>     Also a fairly large number of performance
> improvements have been
> checked in recently, so you might want to look at
> current CVS.
> PB> If anyone has any idea on this....
> PB> I've posted these questions to the batik-users
> list,
> PB> however, i need an urgent reply to this.. hence
> PB> sending it on this id..
>     Hope this helps...
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