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From Thierry Kormann <Thierry.Korm...@sophia.inria.fr>
Subject Re: pending commit: GraphicsNodeRenderContext param in geom methods
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 20:15:24 GMT

> As I said, I think we decided that in some cases a new GVT tree would be
> required.  I wouldn't call it failure - we are dealing with an inherent
> difficulty in SVG with supporting MVC.  The alternative would be to
> change the bridge so that all elements could be instantiated without
> asking for geometric information, from their peers, which may not
> be practical.

OK let's say that sometimes we need to create a new GVT tree.
So in that case, why don't we just add a setTextPainter on TextNode ? (

Similar to ShapeNode, we consider that the GVT tree can be reused
and when it's not possible, we create a new GVT tree with a new
for TextNode.

Any comments?

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