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From Thierry Kormann <Thierry.Korm...@sophia.inria.fr>
Subject Re: pending commit: GraphicsNodeRenderContext param in geom methods
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:38:10 GMT

> I think this should wait for after 1.0.  As I said, my opinion is that
> we should make only incremental changes until 1.0 (mid-to-end of January?)

I really don't think so. The purpose of the 1.0 is to provide static features 
with a clean and well documented API. We already have many users (I do :) and 
we need give them an API on which they can rely on.

That's why we can wait. I don't want to release a major version with an API 
that will changed anyway. We can discuss about that next week I think.

I have slides to make and a staff meeting tomorrow :(


Thierry Kormann
email: Thierry.Kormann@sophia.inria.fr  http://www.inria.fr/koala/tkormann/
Koala/Dyade/Bull @ INRIA - Sophia Antipolis

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