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From Bill Haneman <Bill.Hane...@ireland.sun.com>
Subject URGENT Re: [admin] JavaOne submission, please review
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 17:31:10 GMT
Hi everyone:

I gave Vincent some feedback on the JavaOne proposals,
I really like the ones we have but still think that there
is scope for an entire BOF on the use of Batik as an
internationalization engine (in conjunction with cocoon,
or used in a similar fashion) - basically this would
be a big win with current web content providers who
were not ready to pump out pure SVG yet but who still
want the ability to generate high-quality graphics
without having to explicitly internationalize and store
image maps and bitmaps for every locale.

Vincent suggested that I run this by everyone again
(I believe I have mentioned it before, apologies if not).

If there are those of you who think we should avoid
proposing a second BOF, please let me know as soon as
possible, otherwise I will submit a draft abstract
today (which we can then edit at length in the next


Bill Haneman +353 1 8199279
Ireland Desktop Engineering
Sun Microsystems Ireland Ltd.

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