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From Thomas E Deweese <thomas.dewe...@kodak.com>
Subject Re: Bug in many tests
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2000 13:34:16 GMT
>>>>> "BH" == Bill Haneman <Bill.Haneman@ireland.sun.com> writes:

BH> I'd prefer if you didn't use batikLogo.svg's link - we may not
BH> always use this as the logo going forward, and I don't see why we
BH> don't keep the testTemplate.svg file around!

    Actually, this is exactly why I want to move this to
batikLogo.svg.  If we want to change the logo we change what the
contents of this file is, and since all our files should reference the
elements from this file they are all automatically updated.

    So as long as we maintain the link Batik_Tag_Box as a box with a
small Batik 'logo' in the lower left corder (~25x25 user space units).
the exact contents of the 'logo', the color of the box, etc. are all

    In fact I think it would be kind of cool if we had a different
logo for each major release, we should probably pick a few elements to
always keep (like the squiggle), but simply by updating this file BAM!
our entire web site, test cases, samples _everything_ is 'updated' to
the new logo.

BH> Maybe we can reinstate testTemplate or just call it sampleTemplate
BH> or template...

    The problem is that it isn't a template it's a repository for a
particular 'logo' element, namely a box with a colorful squiggle in the
bottom right.  I actually want to keep testTemplate.svg but I want it
to actually be a _template_.  So you can start a test by copying it
rather than copying one of the other tests which leads to bugs like
the one I'm fixing.

BH> Just my opinion.  Nobody told us that the template was going away!

    I don't think the template is going away but it's content is
moving to a standard place, all standard logo elements (what ever the
logo may be) should live in batikLogo.svg

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