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From Bill Haneman <bill.hane...@ireland.sun.com>
Subject Re: [regression] JSVGCanvas
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 16:32:14 GMT
Thierry Kormann wrote:
> Hi,
> Two big troubles with the current JSVGCanvas.
> a. On my linux, I have an opaque resize for the windows of my applications.
> When I am resizing the batik frame, it seems that there is as many Threads
> launched as the number of WindowResize events. The result is a really slow
> rendering and a corrupted offscreen image at the end.

I don't think this is actually a regression.  Since the buffer is
invalidated by
resize events (we don't check to see if it's gotten bigger or smaller)
we must re-create the buffer each time we get a resize event.  This is
new behavior, though it may have temporarily looked better during the
threaded offscreen buffer repaints were turned off (yesterday).  The
old threaded behavior worked the same way, though you may not have
how many threads were created because they did not synchronize.  
I do not see any corruption of the buffer when I try this on linux with 
opaque resizing, by the way.  That part of your report concerns me more.

I can limit the number of repaint threads so that no new ones are
until the old one completes, but then issues of whether we interrupt the
old one or throw away the new one, making sure the most recent repaint
current, etc. can get messy.    

> b. When selecting an AOI, the AOI rectangle is painted very slowly. I can't do
> a precise selection on the canvas.

I'll have a look at this one.

> Bill, can you fix that as soon as possible, please?

I am working full-time on JSVGCanvas.  The thread issues are horrendous,
so please don't expect an instant fix.  

The "right" thing to do is rewrite JSVGCanvas and also, possibly, parts
GVT and Renderer :-(  However I remain hopeful that we can patch
what we have into reasonable stability.  If we disable threading
in line with my first commits yesterday, the subjective "coolness" of
viewer is impacted an awful lot.


> Regards,
> Thierry.
> --
> Thierry Kormann
> email: Thierry.Kormann@sophia.inria.fr  http://www.inria.fr/koala/tkormann/
> Koala/Dyade/Bull @ INRIA - Sophia Antipolis
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