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From Vincent Hardy <vincent.ha...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: Mask stuff (and fish slowness)
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 21:56:39 GMT

Thomas E Deweese wrote:
> > VH> However, I have seen that you have done a lot of work on classes
> VH> and I am not quite sure how to write a test that validates all
> VH> that. May be it would be good to improve my mask.svg to test other
> VH> features?
>     I'm not 100% certain I understand what you are looking for in the
> testing end.  New (or modified) sample files that failed before my
> changes but work after them?
>     The only piece of additional functionality I added was the masking
> stuff.

What I meant is that it seems there are multiple ways of creating the
mask (e.g., from RGB or ARGB sources), and I was wondering if we should
add something in our test case that would show that this works.

> VH> I am on a slow modem line, so I cannot send you a zip with the new
> VH> code. Could someone else send a snapshot to Thomas?
>     This would be helpful. I have implemented the <image> tag (the
> changes are not very far reaching, other than the obvious ones).  I
> don't support SVG right now (mostly since I didn't know how to
> approach it), and the URL (can't be a URI) must be absolute since I
> don't know what my document base is or where to get it from (ideas?).
>     I can now mask an image by our logo (so the image only shows where
> the text is (kind of cool)).

Yup, this is more that kind of cool: it is awsome! I have also played 
with it and the results are really great (I have attached an example).

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