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From Christophe Jolif <cjo...@ilog.fr>
Subject very basic support of GVT UI events -> DOM UI events + scripting
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2000 16:51:03 GMT

I just commited some little changes to enable basic scripting

- GVT UI events from GVTEventDispatcher are send to the DOM as DOM UI
- In response to DOM UI events a script declared in an onxxx attribute
can be called and execute.

You can load samples\tests\events_GVTtoDOM.svg in the svgviewer and
click on the blue rectangle, you will see in traces the output of the

To be done to have full scripting support:

- clarify GVT & UI Events stuff.
- done for shape elements only => to be done for texts and images.
- allows to put script in <script> tags, not only inline on the
different onxxx attributes.
- have correct coordinates in DOM UI events.
- be able to unregister all the listeners.

And of course, there's also the dynamic support (DOM -> GVT) to be done
before having full scripting capabilities :-)

By the way I notice that it seems that the BridgeContext used in
svgviewer (the one created in the JSVGCanvas ctor), is re-used from file
to file without removing mapping (DOMelement <-> GVTNode) of the
previous file. The context may grow dramatically after loading several


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