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From Dean Jackson <d...@w3.org>
Subject Re: Question about filter implementation plans
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:37:22 GMT

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000 15:15:59 Thomas E Deweese wrote:
>     While we are talking about filters, is anyone working on clip?
>     Also don't we need to do some work to get the other sources working?
> Shouldn't the handling of sources be moved to SVGUtilities?
> Currently unimplemented:
>       - I think we can simply apply FilterToAlphaRable to SOURCE_GRAPHIC.
>         I'm not 100% sure since it says the image should be ARGB (RGB=0).
>         FilterToAlphaRable returns a 1 band image of just alpha.
>       - Can these be implemented on top of FloodRable?

At the moment, the FloodRable takes a Color for flooding.
(though it does use g2d.setPaint).  I think the transforms
are all there, do you want to take a look?

>       - Sore topic I'll leave it alone for now...

still hurting?
>       - Easy, once we have BG
> Who wants to do this work?
> >>>>> "DJ" == Dean Jackson <dean@w3.org> writes:
> DJ> feConvolve (this is a fair amount of work right?)
>     It's just a bunch of annoying fiddling with buffers (hard if your
> not used to it).
> DJ> Thomas, you and I can negotiate on feBlend.
>     Since I think I'll dispatch Convolve pretty quickly, why don't we
> put it down under my name.  Then if you get it before I'm done with
> convolve (I'll send a note when I'm done) just drop a note.



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