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From Vincent Hardy <Vincent.Ha...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: PR for Apache SVG Open Source project
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 08:30:08 GMT

After discussion with a couple members of the team (Thomas, Thierry,
Stephane and later with Dean), we think that we should make an announcement
when we have a site ready where people can have a look. Even though
we have pretty good software in the CVS code base, we need to work on 
some basic documentation and work out our release process. Our feeling 
is that this is going to take two to three more weeks. Unfortunately, 
this means that we will not be ready for an announcement at ApacheCon.

I have only expressed the feeling of some of the members so I hope
other people on the list (Christophe, Emmanuel?) will voice their 
opinion as well.


>on 10/12/00 12:39 PM, Susan Struble at Susan.Struble@eng.sun.com wrote:
>> I don't believe that Apache is yet ready to discuss this project. I have been
>> trying to confirm this with them.
>So there are a couple of parts to doing this right.
>1) Are the members of the batik-dev list (cc'd) ready to go public with this
>at ApacheCon? If yes, we proceed to the next question. If no, then we hold
>until you guys are ready.
>2) Assuming yes, then we do want to do PR on this, but will need to
>coordinate with Zotgroup on this. I beleive that Susy has been attempting to
>get in touch with them previous to this.. Zot folks, are you around?
>Obviously, when we do announce the lauch of this, we want all involved
>entities to be on board whether through one consolidated statement, or
>coordinated statements.

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