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From Adam Flinton <adam.flin...@nhs.net>
Subject Announce: Ant task for creating instances from XML (W3C) Schema
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 13:39:20 GMT
Dear All,

A new tool:


An ant task which uses XMLbeans to create example XML instances from a



For the list of properties you must of can set.

Installation (including where to download the binary/zip file:


It is especially useful for looking a pieces of schema as you can set
the element you wish to use as the root one.

It will use the values from enumerations are the fixed/default values
for attributes and elements if they are set.

It obeys the XML type system with the exception of regex/patterns.

If anyone knows of some Open Source  Java based "example from Regex"
code then please let me know as the one thing it is lacking is the
ability to create examples from patterns.

XMLBean info:

Differences with the std XML beans SampleXMLUtil:

Added :

In addition to the std settings you can set:

    public int numRepeat  - Sets the number of repeats where more than
one lement is allowed. Will work with the minOccurs and MaxOccurs is
those are set.
    public boolean addOptE - Add optional Elements
    public boolean addOptAtt = Add optional Attributes

I also check Element.getDefaultText() such that if an element has some
default text set in the schema it will use that.

I removed all the soap stuff (e.g. soapEnc) as it was not required.

If anyone wants to integrate it into the std XML Beans code base
etc.......then....it is Open Source etc.

If anyone finds any bugs/wants any new features then....it is Open
source etc.etc.



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