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From "Strong.James" <James.Str...@ftb.ca.gov>
Subject xmlbean ant task
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 20:08:45 GMT
I have an application that has multiple eclipse projects. I decided to
collect my generated xmlbean code into a single project to minimize the
number of eclipse projects. I have two separate schemas that are built
at different times using the xmlbean ant task in two separate project
ant builders. One of the schemas, I define. The second one is defined
for me.  The source for both builders are placed in SchemaProject/src
with the .class files in SchemaProject/bin. The schemas are only
separated by their respective namespaces.


When either one of the builders run, it creates the jar for its schema
which includes the specific xsd. However, the jar part of the xmlbean
task includes the .class code from both schemas. The xsd from the
secondary schema is not included. I'm guessing that the jar
functionality gets its files from the classgendir attribute. In attempt
to filter out the other project, I tried to use an includes attribute on
the task by defining the org/test/xsd/foo/**/* for the task of the first
schema and org/test/xsd/bar/**/* for the task of the second schema. This
did not appear to exclude the secondary schema. I don't want the
builders to have to know about each other, so I don't want to put in any


Have I defined the includes incorrectly? I didn't see an example in the
xmlbean task docs that I could verify with. Or is that not currently an
option (using 2.4.0) 


Ideally, I would like to create two separate jars, one that contains my
schema and the second containing the external schema. I need to separate
them for jar distribution of my own schema, but would like to go to one
place to look at the generated code. Currently this seems to be the only
hang up for keeping all my schemas together.


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