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From "Lim, Annie" <Annie....@thalesgroup.com.au>
Subject Override the default messages within messages.properties
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 03:05:44 GMT


I hope that someone can help me with this issue. We are currently using
the error messages retrieved from XmlError and displaying them to the
users as tooltips on the GUI. However, the default messages within
messages.properties are not user-friendly. To get around this problem, I
added some of the error codes into my own .properties file to override
the default messages e.g. 


cvc-maxLength-valid.1.1=The length of the value entered ($1) exceeds the
maximum length ($2) allowed


But to get the arguments for the $1 and $2 values, I had to parse the
message retrieved from XmlError to get the correct arguments. This is
based on a lot of assumptions and is not the neat solution I was after.


Basically, I want to know two things,


1)       Is it possible to "plug-in" a custom messages.properties into
the XmlBean framework that will override the default messages within
messages.proerties. The architect does not want me to edit the original
messages.properties within the XmlBean jar. 


2)       If it's not possible to "plug-in" a custom messages.properties
file, is there a way in which I can get the arguments used for the $1
and $2 qualification? From what I can see, XmlError only has the code
and the fully qualified message.


3)       If 1 and 2 are not possible ... is there another way ???


Any help would be deeply appreciated. 




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