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From "James Taylor" <jatay...@bea.com>
Subject RE: Regarding JAXB 2.0 ...
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:32:42 GMT
Here are some advantages that XMLBeans has over JAXB 2.0:

*	100% XML Infoset preserving.  XMLBeans preserves all of the
information in the XML Infoset.  Not only are comments, processing
instructions, and whitespace preserved, but XML data that is invalid or
missing from the XMLSchema will be preserved as well.  For example, if a
purchase order schema represents a part number as an integer and the
part number comes in as a string, the value will be preserved.
*	Native DOM representation.  XMLBeans is backed by a store that
allows the XML to be viewed and/or manipulated through either the
standard DOM interfaces or through the generated setter/getters.
There's no performance penalty for this because there's no
copying/cloning necessary under-the-covers when using these
*	XPath/XQuery support.  XMLBeans allows querying and navigating
through the object hierarchy using XPath and/or XQuery.
*	Schema metadata access.  XMLBeans has an API that allows access
to the underlying XMLSchema metadata through a schema object model API. 
*	On-demand validation.  XMLBeans is able to perform validation
against the XMLSchema at any time as opposed to only at
marshalling/unmarshalling time.
*	Support for pre-1.5/5.0 JDKs.  As already mentioned, XMLBeans
can be used with older versions of the JDK.







From: Christian Blavier [mailto:cblavier@octo.com] 
Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2006 6:44 AM
To: user@xmlbeans.apache.org
Subject: Regarding JAXB 2.0 ...




A simple question : what could encourage me to use xmlbeans rather than
Jaxb2.0 ?

The initial motivation of xmlbeans is to have a full coverage of XML
schema ; so do JAXB 2.0.


I still see many people prefering xmlbeans to JAXB, and I'm just
wondering why :)


Thank you for your responses


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