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From "Babar Abbas" <bab...@gmail.com>
Subject Can XMLBeans be used to Generate XML withou Schema
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 01:45:22 GMT
hi !
            I googled for Generate XML with java, without a schema, or xsd,
generate XML with java objects and then do whatever with it, write to file,
send over the network etc. found this tutorial,


             It suggests the use of Xerces and Xalan2 with SAX or DOM, to
generate XML, What I wanted to know is that can I use XMLBeans to do the
same, heard a lot about XMLBeans, wanted to learn it. Usually XMLBeans is
used to generate Java Objects from XML Schema documents or just the XML
documents, but my problem is that i want to generate XML programmatically,
with no schema no nothing.

             If not, what other most popular API should be used, Xerces?
Crimson? XALAN2? which one is the best in ranks.

             I am eagerly waiting for the reply, as I have to use it in 2
projects. Going to Master XML in the next few projects, after that I will be
what I want to be.

Thanks and Regards,
Babar Abbas.

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