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From "lio bo" <liobod.xmlbe...@gmail.com>
Subject xmlBeans && xhtml
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 09:58:39 GMT
hello world,

I'm discovering xmlBeans and i would like to open a little thread. As far i
in the archive, this topic does not appear to have ever been discussed.

My purpose is to parse a first xml file (with xmlBeans) and then generate
an XHTML stream/file (still with xmlBeans).
This process is supposed to happen 'on line' on server-side through web
server requests.

For the first phasis, ie.e xml parsing, i've (almost) no doubt that XmlBeans
power is the right solution.

For the second phasis, ie xhtml hot-generation, i wonder if i'm making the
good choice. Is there
better techs? other tools? Will xmlBeans be fast enough?

Any opinion, clue, link, whatever is welcome,


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