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From aco...@f2s.com
Subject Default namespace and serialization
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 09:19:17 GMT

I have a xmlbeans binding class instance, and I wish to use the default
namespace either when 'saving' the xml or when calling the 'xmlText' method. In
order to do this, I would specify an 'xml option' to use the default namespace.

However, if I serialize and then de-serialize the instance, the resulting
instance now uses the 'ns' namespace.

Of course, once de-serialized in this form, specifying the same 'xml option' for
default namespace has no effect, because the 'ns' namespace has already been

Is this a bug in xmlbeans? Or would the ability to set 'xml options' for
serialization be classed as an enhancement?



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