I have tried this so many times, and i can't remember how i did, but i know that a document you must normalize and import
Node, but im not very sure if you must do anything else. Look for in google searching omething about copying parts of XML. What im so sure is that with XML Beans you cannot do it directly you must use org.w3c.* interfaces.

This i know that works for moving from a tree to another tree, maybe you are using a temp tree and for this reason doesn't work propertly.

El dc 22 de 03 del 2006 a les 08:20 +0100, en/na Christian Schweers va escriure:

i have a problem with the XmlTree 

I want to move nodes of the SAME PARENT on the tree, just to change the 
order of the nodes by drag 'n drop.

I have already some code that works fine on a "normal" JTree but not on 
the XmlTree :(

One problem is that node.getParent() always returns null!

How can i fix that and how can i move the nodes of the tree??

Thanks in advance.


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