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From Anthony Fryer <apfr...@hotmail.com>
Subject best way to uniquely identify a remote XmlObject?
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 06:06:43 GMT

I was wondering if what is the best way to uniquely identify an XmlObject within a document
on a remote server?  I need something similar in concept to the signature of a SchemaType
which allows me to use SchemaTypeSystem.typeForSignature to retrieve the SchemaType object.

I have up to now been generating the  XPath to the XmlObject to identify it, but am realizing
that this breaks easily when peer nodes or parent peer nodes are deleted or inserted, changing
the path to the XmlObject.  
Are bookmarks what I should use for this?  Do bookmarks persist if a document is reloaded?
 Is there some other better way I can do this?
Anthony Fryer
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