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From "David Bau" <david....@bea.com>
Subject Re: Future XMLBeans feature work?
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:35:35 GMT
Robert writes:
> IMHO start-from-java has quite a bit of hidden complexity. betwixt has

I completely agree, start-from-java can be very complex.  I'd be interested
if you can expand any of the lessons you've seen in betwixt in this area.

> i'd say that it would be a good idea to think about pluggable
> compatibility. i would whether it would be possible to use adapters to
> allow xml-bean generated, JAXB compliant and start-from-java mapped (eg

Pluggability is very interesting to me too.  Beyond a certain level,
pluggability can get very difficult both to get working and to maintain (I'm
thinking that it is potentially very difficult to be fully pluggable when it
comes to "interior" data, because it requires an incestuous relationship
with the particular unmarshalling framework to know how to delegate
subparts, and this probably would make it difficult to maintain and evolve;
but it should be easier to be pluggable when it comes to "leaf" data.
Probably this is OK since "leaves" can be very large, whole subtrees).

> it seems to me that a lot of the inefficiency (in typical usage senarios)
> now comes from building up large object models in memory. it's quite
> common to have large, repetitive xml documents where really, it's the
> smaller sub-elements only which want to be mapped to (and from) java.

Is the idea that you want to tell the unmarshaller to "work on" just a small
portion of the stream at once, and that the application might iterate this
process to deal with a very large stream?  I think it makes sense to me.
Can I ask you to give me an example of a real-world scenario that would want
to work this way, to help me think about it?

> be easier for most coder to understand filters and controllers in an
> object pipeline than a SAX (or SAX-like) one.

To me this seems like the core pull versus push issue.  (I think?)  The core
advantage (imho) of JSR 173-like pull streams over SAX-style push streams is
that they should make it much eaiser to set up filters and pipelines, ala
FilterInputStream etc. (I've noted the 173 issue on the Feature page.)


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