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From Toby H Ferguson <toby.h.fergu...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Removing the Namespace from each Tag
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:39:00 GMT
Took me a while (I had to look at SchemaCompiler source to find it), the 
command line you need is:

Usage: scomp [opts] [dirs]* [schema.xsd]* [service.wsdl]* 

Why did I look at the source instead of just running scomp with no 
arguments? I don't know - I guess when I ran scomp with -help, --help, 
-h and -? and got no help I wasn't expecting scomp with no arguments to 
give me any help! So this is a data point that there's at least one user 
out there who expects help to require an option .

David Remy wrote:

>>But with XMLBeans when i'm doing the schema it makes me put the
>>namespace in as if I don't it puts it in noNameSpace for the package. 
>Lance, are you wanting to do this because of the package name?  If so there is another
approach which is to use the xsdconfig to map from nonamespace to another package name.  To
do this just create a file (in the same directory as the schema probably) ending in .xsdconfig
and put something like the following in the file:
><xb:config xmlns:xb="http://www.bea.com/2002/09/xbean/config">
>    <!-- Use the "namespace" element to map a namespace to the Java package
>        name that should be generated. -->
>    <xb:namespace uri="">
>        <xb:package>com.myPackage.foo</xb:package>
>    </xb:namespace>
>Not sure if that's what your looking for but just in case.
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