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From "Cliff Schmidt" <cl...@bea.com>
Subject Status of TLP changes
Date Sat, 07 Aug 2004 23:28:20 GMT
Just wanted to give everyone a quick status update on
the TLP changes we needed to get done.  I've just updated 
http://wiki.apache.org/xmlbeans/TopLevelToDo to reflect the 
latest status.

The mailing list move is still pending apmail/infrastructure

The Web site has been completely moved with redirects from the 
old site.  Take a look at http://xml.apache.org/xmlbeans and 
http://xmlbeans.apache.org.  I also removed Incubator references.  
I left a the "Apache XML Project" logo there because I thought 
it might be cool to replace it with some new logo about the XML 
Federation -- users should still be able to easily jump to see 
other XML projects.

Also, now that our site is a TLP, we need a place to check-in
the pages that Forrest generates from our /website/src directory.
(Actually, I don't completely understand why it's necessary to
check in something that is strictly a function of other files
that are checked in; everyone else seems to do it, but I'd be 
interested in understanding why.)  We used to check generated 
pages into the xml-site module; most TLPs have a separate module 
like xmlbeans-site.  However, I think we shouldn't ask for a new 
CVS module if we are still thinking about moving to SVN some 
time in the future.  (BTW, I've been using SVN in Beehive and 
I'm a big fan.)  Bottom line is that I took the liberty of just 
checking in the generated pages into xml-xmlbeans/website/build.

I also searched through the xml-xmlbeans module to fix any
incubator references.  I fixed one reference in the JAM website
folder (see commit msg) and found references in v2/build.xml,
which I didn't touch.  Could someone else take a look at that 

I've updated the Forrest xdocs for the XML site to not list
XMLBeans as incubating anymore, but I haven't republished that
site yet.

I haven't added XMLBeans to the XML project download page yet.

Here's what is left:
- wait for mailing lists to be moved over (next few days I think)
- send out release message for 1.0.3 with note that we are no
longer in the incubator.  -- any volunteers for this one?
- discuss and vote on xmlbeans charter
- project logo contest
- update build file to reflect that 'incubating' is no longer
part of our release file names.


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