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From <Sateesh.Ku...@iflexsolutions.com>
Subject Can we generate a 40 Meg xml file using xmlBeans
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 10:46:11 GMT

I have a requirement of generating a huge xml file of size >=40 MB using
xml beans. I'm using Schema generated classes to generate the xml.  As
per the framework restriction the file shouldn't be copied onto the hard
disk, it should only be saved into the Database. I'm having the
following my doubts in my mind.


Can we generate an xml as large as 40 MB with xml beans? If not, is
there any alternative like generating the xml in parts and merging them
at the end?

Using Schema generated classes is a must for me to generate the xml. 

After creating an element if I try to push it to the database instead of
adding the element to the XML Document object, will it save my memory?
Since, I'm not holding the Fragment in the memory after creating, and
then it should be garbage collected right.


Somebody please advice me an optimum solution.


Thanks in advance.




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