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From Matt Bishop <mbis...@infowave.com>
Subject Re: XmlBeans, WSDL, SOAP arrays, ...
Date Sat, 20 Mar 2004 01:44:17 GMT
> this sounds wonderful but right now i have enough headaches trying to
> figure out how to write WSDL2Java that would use XmlBeans generated Java
> types if available (i want generate Java interface based on WSDL
> PortType with message parts mapped to Java classes)  and be flexible to
> allow code generation even if some of types are not from XmlBeans
> compiled XML Schemas ... then use dynamic proxy and do typical magic to
> dynamically create stub and invoke in runtime web service using
> information from WSDL :-)

Sounds like you need weblogic 8.1, buddy.

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