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From Steven Noels <stev...@outerthought.org>
Subject Re: Getting an Apache-licensed Piccolo into XMLBeans (RE: xmlbeans line number question)
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 22:03:58 GMT
On 27 Feb 2004, at 13:04, Cliff Schmidt wrote:

> modification.  However, with Piccolo, I believe there are a couple
> small changes that would need to be made for the best fit inside
> xmlbeans.  If these changes could be useful to anyone else at all,
> I think we should get it into the SF.net distribution, but if
> there's a change that would only be useful to xmlbeans, I would
> think the modified source would reside in our cvs tree.

I'd suggest to stay in sync with Piccolo's official home codebase as 
much as possible. It is what is biting us now over @ Cocoon: having to 
maintain a forked version of a dependency.

> Do you see problems with this approach? (btw, I just reread you
> 12 feb post on the jaxen thread about this issue, and I think I've
> considered the points you brought up there, but let me know if I'm
> missing something.)

I have no factual issues with packaging source code archives of 
dependencies in your distribution - although I still find it a strange 
thing to do. But I reckon the Piccolo homebase is a bit smaller than 
XMLBeans' one - so packing it inside the XMLBeans dist might add some 
more weight (in terms of QC) onto it... is that the idea?

Sorry for lagging so badly.

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Outerthought - Open Source Java & XML            An Orixo Member
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