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From Patrick Calahan <p...@bea.com>
Subject moving JAM to org.apache.jam
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 19:22:08 GMT
Hey all.  I am exploring the possibility of moving JAM into it's own 
package space, e.g. 'org.apache.jam.'  I'd like to bring it up out of the 
bowels of the xbeans impl because it is proving to be a useful technology 
to other projects.  For example,  Cedric Beust already has two open source 
projects which he has converted to JAM, including the widely-used EJBgen:


It's a little awkward to ask people to keep importing 
'org.apache.xmlbean.impl.jam' for something that (from their perspective) 
doesn't have anything to do with xbeans.

I'm assuming that the powers-that-be at Apache can't have people just 
claiming package names at will, so I am going to bring this up with the 
incubator group (or whomever is appropriate).  Before I do, though, I just 
wanted to ping everyone here to make sure they think this seems ok.


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