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From "Radu Preotiuc-Pietro" <ra...@bea.com>
Subject JAXB vs JAX-RPC conventions for Schema name to Java name
Date Sat, 06 Mar 2004 23:55:54 GMT
Hi all,
I was reviewing the "Mapping of XML Names" section of both these specs and noticed that they
are contradictory and moreover JAX-RPC seems to be broken in this area, since the examples
of conversion from XML Name to Java Name that they give do not match the conversion rules.
In particular, the handling of class or method names which contain (in XML) the '_' character
is different.
XMLBeans v1 uses the JAXB conventions. Two questions arise:
1. Should XMLBeans v2 "lossy" model (which implements jaxb) and "non-lossy" model (similar
to XmlBeans v1) share the same naming conversion rules?
2. If yes, should these rules be the JAXB rules (which make more sense) or the JAX-RPC rules?


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