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From Dutta Satadip <s-du...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject RE: XQuery Integration
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 21:59:52 GMT
Hello David,
I agree that creating wiki page on this would definitely benefit us all. 
To initiate this , the next steps would be
- start investigation the availble options (XQuery engines) available. 
- Figure out Lisence restrictions (consult with Cliff )
- create a new wiki page 
- start porposal ( get feedback of the list)

We can start with these activities and subsequently move on to defining the design/changes.
On the other hand, I am definitely interested in contirbuting to XML Beans in the long run.
 When the others feel the need to add more committers, I would be interested to step up and
have committer priviledges.
With Regards

David Remy <dremy@bea.com> wrote:
Dutta Satadip wrote:
> Hello,
> There is a issue in Jira that talks about integrating a opensource
> XQuery engine with execQuery api in xml. 
> (http://nagoya.apache.org/jira/secure/ViewIssue.jspa?key=XMLBEANS-27)
> Qexo and Saxon are opensource XQuery engines that I know other folks
> have used. Saxon is under MPL (Mozilla Public Lisence) and Qexo is
> under GNU. 
> Has anyone evaluated saxon/qexo as a possible candidate for the
> XQuery engine. 
> To integrate any other open source product do we have restrictions on
> what liscences are compatible. I would be interested in working on
> this issue if someone if not looking at this. 
> With Regards
> Dutta:)

Hey Dutta,
I think it is reasonable to look into this, and you would be a good candidate for it. You
definitely seem to be on xmlbeans committer path if that is your interest. We could use something
behind the execQuery api on xmlobject and xmlcursor. It would be good to start discussing
the different options. I wonder if you could start a wiki page perhaps to start organizing
the options on this issue? The new XmlBeans wiki is a http://wiki.apache.org/xmlbeans. In
general anything substantial you post on the wiki should also be posted here on the dev list
but I think for something as important as this feature it warrants a wiki page to organize
our thoughts. Ideally we could get a list of potential xquery engines that could meet our
needs. One bar that I am sure exists is that the license must be less than or equally restrictive
as the apache license. I *believe* the MPL license is ok, I *believe* GNU is not. Cliff has
a good handle on this issue. 

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