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From kkr...@bankofny.com
Subject Re: Bugzilla to Jira?
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 20:36:06 GMT
We use Bugzilla, but are looking to replace it. This would be
a good time to learn about Jira.



Ken Kress                                     kkress@bankofny.com
SAS, The Bank of New York                            484.605.4834

"David Remy" <dremy@bea.com>
01/22/2004 02:57 PM
Please respond to xmlbeans-dev

        To:     <xmlbeans-dev@xml.apache.org>
        Subject:        Bugzilla to Jira?

I have noticed that many of the new apache projects are using jira (http://nagoya.apache.org/jira)
rather than bugzilla. Just glancing at it it seems a lot cleaner and 
more functional. We do not have very many bugs in bugzilla yet so it would 
be a good time to migrate if we want to. 

Although I have limited knowledge on this, so based on that alone someone 
could vote -1, I propose we vote on moving from xmlbeans bug/issue 
tracking from bugzilla to jira. Since I think this is new to all of this 
how about if we end the vote a week from today, Thurs, Jan 29 (unless all 
committers vote earlier I guess)?

If we do this it would be great to get a volunteer to help move the bugs 
over to jira. Also we need to work on our bug management process, perhaps 
a proposal/description for how bugs will go through different stages to 
being fixed (we need this regardless of jira) . Also there are other 
capabilities of jira that look interesting such as feature tracking, it 
would be interesting to see if we could incorporate our planning into jira 
... Kevin, you have been doing a lot of helpful work around v1 bugs would 
you be interested in working on this (assuming we go forward with it)?

Anyone comments pro or con on jira would be welcome.


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