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From "Allman, Michael" <Michael.All...@ssa.gov>
Subject RE: Serializability
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 20:07:25 GMT
> > On a related note, why doesn't XmlObject extends 
> Serializable?  I feel 
> > like I'm taking a chance passing an XMLBean over RMI.
> The feeling was that only concrete classes, not interfaces, 
> should be marked as Serializable.  This is one of those 
> philosophical purity things - serializability is about 
> classes, not interfaces.  As an example of this - note that 
> java.util.Collection, List, Set, etc are not Serializable 
> while the concrete class implementations ArrayList, HashSet, 
> etc., are.

I follow you.

> But you can rest assured that all the implementations of 
> XmlObject supplied by XMLBeans are Serializable (they all 
> inherit from our XmlObjectBase class).

Can we make this a part of the XMLBeans API contract?  E.g., can we put a
note in the JavaDoc for XmlObject and its subinterfaces that
"XMLBeans-produced implementations of this interface are guaranteed to be


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