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From "David Remy" <dr...@bea.com>
Subject xmlbeans status report
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 20:18:39 GMT
hey committers and xmlbeans community,
we are overdue for a status report on xmlbeans progress.  i will put down a few of my thoughts
here but i could use feedback.  i would like to post a status report to the incubator team
by end of day today if that is possible so please respond quickly.  thx.

> Status report for the Incubator
Overall the xmlbeans project is progressing with good committer productivity and a growing
user community.  Converting over the Apache CVS systems and build process has been accomplished
along with various other Apache administrative tasks such setting up the Apache website. 
There is some movement towards growth in the development side of the community with one contributor
(Dutta Satadip) submitting a nice enhancement and several other contributors submitting small
patches related to bugs.

More on each of the bullet points below.

>  * is the STATUS file up to date? (also post link)

It looks to me that the status file is up to date.  Is there any other things that need to
be added or update there?  Cliff, do you think you could take a look at it?  http://incubator.apache.org/projects/xmlbeans.html

>  * any legal, cross-project or personal issues
>    that still need to be addressed?

In general it appears xmlbeans is through most of the known issues that existed getting started.
 The committers have been able to be productive and there is a lot of code being created in
version 2 and fixes are being made into version 1.

One relatively minor issue that we have run into is how best to accomodate commonly used api
jars primarily JCP related api's from SUN.  For example right now the JSR173 (Streaming API
for XML, a.k.a., STAX) api jar is hosted on an non-Apache server and brought down on the build
process (if it doesn't already exist on the machine).  There have been similar questions about
SAAJ however we found a SAAJ api jar in the AXIS project with an Apache license.  We are unsure
what the right process for determining whether we can use a particular jar and host the jar
in our build (esp the SUN JCP jars).

>  * what has been done for incubation since the last report?

cliff and david (et al.) I will probably need your help here:

*  source code checkin (was that since last status report?)
*  build and test ant scripts established
*  website updated including docs, source code access, etc.
*  established version 2 effort and modified CVS tree accordingly
*  proposed (close to implementing I think) branching strategy for version 1 to provide 

cezar, did you do something related to gump that should be reflected here?
kevin krouse, is there anything here that you might want to add?

>  * plans and expectations for the next period?

* development on v2 will continue incorporating community feedback.
* continued work on soliciting volunteers for contribution and committership.
* work on organizing bug tracking and follow up
* xmlbeans-1.01 distrubution (minor bug fixes to v1)

what else?

>  * any recommendations for how incubation could run
>    more smoothly for you?

Incubation seems to be going well with one, albeit an important one, challenge of getting
outside committers.  Having a large existing codebase in a fairly complicated area makes it
challenging.  The growing user community and the excellent posts that we are getting on the
xmbleans-dev list make us optimistic we will make some break throughts in the next period.

We have had really great support from the Incubator team and our Mentor Ted Leung especially
early on as we were working to get the source code in, get the website updated, and establishing
a place where developers could be productive.  I don't know of a situation where we did not
get what we needed from the incubation team.

>  * etc (your own thoughts on what is important would be helpful!)

As a technology xmlbeans 1.0 seems to be gaining a lot of momentum in the user community and
is an extremely strong XML Java binding option for people that require strong XML schema compliance
and full fidelity marshalling.  We are pretty excited about XMLBeans Version 2 since it expands
the scope to support quite a few more use cases including a lossy scenario,   DOM Level 2,
a pluggable backend data store capability, and a lot more.  The architectural and coding aspects
are challenging and a lot of fun.

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