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From Dave Smith <diz...@jabber.org>
Subject Re: Jaxen and xmlbeans v1
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 16:31:31 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:

>>Additionally, what's the interest level in having a pluggable system
>>for integrating with other xpath engines?
>I thought Jaxen *was* a pluggable layer above XPath engines!?!? --DD

As I understand it, Jaxen _is_ an XPath engine, which supports traversal 
of any (pluggable) DOM. As it stands right now, xmlbeans supports 3 
different xpath-ish engines -- my inquiry was to see if there was any 
interest in reworking xmlbeans use of those xpath engines to be more 
pluggable. This would allow me to use XmlObject.selectPath() with any 
XPath engine that might arise in the future.

Don't know if that makes any sense...still waking up. :)


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