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From Dutta Satadip <s-du...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject RE: Enhancements to Validator
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2004 08:39:57 GMT
Hello !!
Some of the changes made to the validator ( to get better messages during schema validation
) has been checked in the v2 tree.Based on the email earlier, these changes might be useful
for you. You might want to try and see if the new messages work for you.
Further feedback for enhancements is always welcome.
With Regards

Dmitri.Colebatch@toyota.com.au wrote:


I'll add our requirements, although I'm not sure whether they fit with what
you're expecting... My biggest issue atm is that when we have a type of

a (required)
b (optional)
c (optional)
d (required)
e (required)

and we get xml like:

iirc the current message says "element e not allowed here" which is
correct, but what would be better would be "e found instead of b|c|d" or
something similar. I could imagine that there's a fair bit of work to make
this happen, and to be honest I'm now used to the current messages, so it
wouldn't bother me that much.

my 2c.


"Murphy, Eric" 
21/01/2004 05:23 AM Subject: RE: Enhancements to Validator 
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