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From Michael Allman <...@nfcexperts.com>
Subject Re: xmlbeans status report
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 21:07:37 GMT

What you have looks good.

I put on my editor's hat and fixed a few minor grammar and spelling errors


On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, David Remy wrote:

> hey committers and xmlbeans community, we are overdue for a status
> report on xmlbeans progress.  i will put down a few of my thoughts here
> but i could use feedback.  i would like to post a status report to the
> incubator team by end of day today if that is possible so please respond
> quickly.  thx.
> > Status report for the Incubator
> >
> Overall the xmlbeans project is progressing with good committer
> productivity and a growing user community.  Converting over the Apache
> CVS systems and build process has been accomplished along with various
> other Apache administrative tasks such setting up the Apache website.

other Apache administrative tasks such as setting up the Apache website.

> There is some movement towards growth in the development side of the
> community with one contributor (Dutta Satadip) submitting a nice
> enhancement and several other contributors submitting small patches
> related to bugs.
> More on each of the bullet points below.
> >  * is the STATUS file up to date? (also post link)
> It looks to me that the status file is up to date.  Is there any other
> things that need to be added or update there?  Cliff, do you think you
> could take a look at it?
> http://incubator.apache.org/projects/xmlbeans.html
> >  * any legal, cross-project or personal issues
> >    that still need to be addressed?
> In general it appears xmlbeans is through most of the known issues that
> existed getting started.  The committers have been able to be productive
> and there is a lot of code being created in version 2 and fixes are
> being made into version 1.
> One relatively minor issue that we have run into is how best to
> accomodate commonly used api jars primarily JCP related api's from SUN.
> For example right now the JSR173 (Streaming API for XML, a.k.a., STAX)
> api jar is hosted on an non-Apache server and brought down on the build
> process (if it doesn't already exist on the machine).  There have been
> similar questions about SAAJ however we found a SAAJ api jar in the AXIS
> project with an Apache license.  We are unsure what the right process

project with an Apache license.  We are unsure of the right process

> for determining whether we can use a particular jar and host the jar in
> our build (esp the SUN JCP jars).
> >
> >  * what has been done for incubation since the last report?
> cliff and david (et al.) I will probably need your help here:
> *  source code checkin (was that since last status report?)
> *  build and test ant scripts established
> *  website updated including docs, source code access, etc.
> *  established version 2 effort and modified CVS tree accordingly
> *  proposed (close to implementing I think) branching strategy for version 1 to provide
> cezar, did you do something related to gump that should be reflected here?
> kevin krouse, is there anything here that you might want to add?
> >
> >  * plans and expectations for the next period?
> >
> * development on v2 will continue incorporating community feedback.
> * continued work on soliciting volunteers for contribution and committership.
> * work on organizing bug tracking and follow up
> * xmlbeans-1.01 distrubution (minor bug fixes to v1)

xmlbeans-1.01 distribution (minor bug fixes to v1)

> what else?
> >  * any recommendations for how incubation could run
> >    more smoothly for you?
> >
> Incubation seems to be going well with one, albeit an important one,
> challenge of getting outside committers.  Having a large existing
> codebase in a fairly complicated area makes it challenging.  The growing
> user community and the excellent posts that we are getting on the
> xmbleans-dev list make us optimistic we will make some break throughts

xmbleans-dev list make us optimistic we will make some breakthroughs

> in the next period.

On a side note, I am evaluating XMLBeans for use in future projects of my
own.  If I end up using XMLBeans, and I do like what I see so far, I would
be happy to contribute to development.

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