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From "Dave Smith" <diz...@jabber.org>
Subject RE: Jaxen and xmlbeans v1
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2004 22:05:52 GMT
Well, given the level of interest I'll go ahead and attach my current
patches.  I couldn't get the unit tests for the XPath stuff working (bad
reference to XmlComparator, which I couldn't find anywhere), but the core
functionality is there.

There are two patches -- one which is basically just the backport, and a
second (which must be applied over the first) that provides a relatively
clean way of controlling prefix/uri mapping within Jaxen. I'd welcome
comments and feedback about how I can get these "perfect" and (hopefully)
added to v1 release branch.

Enjoy. :)


> Yes!  I definitely think there would be interest it's been one of the
> most common posts on the user and dev lists.  v2 will not be available
> for awhile so it would be great to have this functionality in v1.
> Cezar did the work in v2 to integrate jaxen and I think getting it into
> v1 would be very similar.  So he could help get you oriented.  Also,
> Kevin Krouse, who has been doing a lot of contribution in v1 could also
> be a resource.  One thing that Kevin can help with is running some tests
> (that we are still working on getting checked in to apache) and making
> sure the stability is not compromised.

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