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From Kevin Krouse <kkro...@bea.com>
Subject Re: xmlbeans status report
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 22:00:55 GMT

> >
> >  * what has been done for incubation since the last report?
> cliff and david (et al.) I will probably need your help here:
> *  source code checkin (was that since last status report?)
> *  build and test ant scripts established
> *  website updated including docs, source code access, etc.
> *  established version 2 effort and modified CVS tree accordingly
> *  proposed (close to implementing I think) branching strategy for version 1 to provide

> cezar, did you do something related to gump that should be reflected here?
> kevin krouse, is there anything here that you might want to add?

As far as branching and preparing for a 1.0.1 release goes, Remy and I
created a branch off of the v1 code line named 'xmlbeans-1-0-1_branch'. 
In this branch, we'll tag a release after a few more checkins can be
made and testing can assure of high quality.  There have been some
contributions sitting in Bugzilla and on the mailing list that have yet
to be applied.  Sorry for being slow.  Only bug fixes go into this
branch and they should be merged into the v1 main trunk as well as the
v2 main trunk.

The main trunk of v1 is still in the 'active development' even though no
new features are planned.  All of the exciting new stuff is going into
the v2 main trunk.

> >
> >  * plans and expectations for the next period?
> >
> * development on v2 will continue incorporating community feedback.
> * continued work on soliciting volunteers for contribution and committership.
> * work on organizing bug tracking and follow up
> * xmlbeans-1.01 distrubution (minor bug fixes to v1)

yeah, we need to be a little faster in the bug testing and fixing from
the BugZilla contributions.

Kevin Krouse

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