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From Patrick Calahan <p...@bea.com>
Subject FYI: new package for java codegen
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 20:44:24 GMT
Hey all.  Just a heads up that I just checked in a new package


which contains 'joust', the JavaOUtputSTream.  This is what we're going to 
use to encapsulate the code generation component of the scema-to-java 
compiler.  The motivation for this package is to provide

- a simple codegen API tailored for use by schema->java compiler
- a hook for people who want to change the way the java sources are generated
- pluggability if we want to support direct bytecode generation
- cleaner factoring

It's not yet integrated with the current code (working on that now).  I did 
a code review with David Bau yesterday, but feel free to take a look and 
give me additional feedback if you like.


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