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From Mik Lernout <...@futurestreet.org>
Subject Re: "ant drt" in v2 gives error "Could not create task or type of type: junit"
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2003 08:05:21 GMT

Looks mike something is wrong with your ant installation: you should put 
a junit binary jar (get it at http://www.junit.org) and put it in 
The error message is not great :-)


Ganga Sah wrote:

>I get following error when running "ant drt" from
>latest cvs checkout of xml-xmlbeans/v2.
>(I do have optional.jar under my ANT_HOME/lib. Also
>tried latest ant-1.6.0 release).
>     [echo] Running random tester
>     [java] seed=0
>     [java] iterations=20
>     [java] threads=1
>     [java] docs=10
>     [java] read/write
>     [java] with save
>     [java] noquery
>     [java] Seed: 0Seed: 1Seed: 2Seed: 3Seed: 4Seed:
>5Seed: 6Seed: 7Seed: 8Seed:
> 9Seed: 10Seed: 11Seed: 12Seed: 13Seed: 14Seed:
>15Seed: 16Seed: 17Seed: 18Seed:
>19Seconds to run random tests: 38
>     [echo] Running xbean product drt tests
>     [echo] JUnit output being sent to
>C:\J\apache\xml-xmlbeans\v2\build.xml:144: Could not
>create task or type of type
>: junit.
>Ant could not find the task or a class this task
>relies upon.
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