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From Alexey Loubyansky <a...@jboss.org>
Subject proposals
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 20:18:47 GMT

(addressed to xmlbeans-dev, copied to jboss-development)

I maybe wrong in some assumptions, please, correct me in that case. I am 
not an expert in the area.

I could not find a binding tool that would meet the requirements I have. 
In no specific order, the requirements are:

* custom object model
AFAIK, existing tools propose one to implement the generated interfaces. 
I would like to write my own object model and avoid generated interfaces.

* flexible object model
In existing tools, object model strictly reflects the shema definition. 
For example
<!ELEMENT ejb-jar (description?, display-name?, small-icon?, 
large-icon?, enterprise-beans, relationships?, assembly-descriptor?, 
It means in the object model, all the children will be represented by 
classes. I would like to skip some of them, such as description, icons, 
etc. I would like even to skip enterprise-beans element but have its 
children (entity, session, etc) present in my (custom) object model.

* population of the same object model from different XML sources
For example, deployment information for an EJB comes splitted into 
several deployment descriptors. For example, ejb-jar.xml, jboss.xml and 
jbosscmp-jdbc.xml. Each deployment descriptor provides different kind of 
information for the same, say, entity bean (ejb-jar.xml - spec info, 
jboss.xml - container configuration, jbosscmp-jdbc.xml - persistence 
configuration). I would not like to end up with three object models, one 
per deployment descriptor. I would like to combine the information from 
all the three files into the same object model.

* support for both DTD and XML schemas

What do you think about implementing the features above?

I just finished a proof of concept implementation and have a binding 
tool that supports all the features above including marshalling. I could 
commit it to JBoss but I would better contribute it to some existing 
project. I believe it would be useful for the project and, in JBoss, I 
would use a decent tool that is maintained by experts in the area.


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