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From "Marius Gleeson" <mariusglee...@audumla.net>
Subject RE: XMLbeans with JAXB
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 02:02:43 GMT
The functionality I was wanting XMLBeans to perform is as
javax.xml.transform.Result targets for XSLT transforms. JAXB currently
works well enough for the basic processes that I then perform. However I
would really prefer to use XMLBeans cursors and other techniques for
accessing the resulting nodes, ie being able to request the parent object
of an arbitary generated Object, something I cannot do in JAXB. 
I was hoping to be able to slot XMLBeans under the JAXB dependant classes
I have, however if there is another ( XMLBeans specific) way to use the
Beans in the fashion I described above that would be sufficient as well.

On that topic, are the classes that the XMLBeans framework generates
planned to be the same for both the JAXB implentation and native
XMLBeans, or will there be a specific code generation specifically for
The current JAXB code from CVS appears to be generating a different
implementation for the classes. Maybe the JAXBified XMLBeans could offer
its more advanced functionality through Vendor specific extensions?

Any news on this would be appreciated.

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003 11:14:40 -0800, "Eric Vasilik" <ericvas@bea.com>
> I believe that we are looking at JAXB in v2.  I've forwarded this to the
> dev alias, perhaps David could say something about the status of this
> work.
> - Eric
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> From: Marius Gleeson [mailto:mariusgleeson@audumla.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 5:05 PM
> To: Eric Vasilik
> Subject: XMLbeans with JAXB
> Hi Eric,
> I am currently investigating using XMLbeans for a large project at my
> work. We are currently using the JAXB interfaces at the front end of the
> code, so I was interested in knowing where the jaxb extensions you were
> developing for xmlbeans are going. I have managed to get them built but
> have had some issues with getting them to work off my schemas. If you
> could let me know if there was going to be any more work done on them,
> that would be great. I am willing to offer my services to try and get
> them into a working state, however my work is so overloaded at the moment
> that I am unsure of how much time I would be able to offer. I have used
> the sun implementation of JAXB extensively and have a good understanding
> of the inner code and workings of their implementation. I have also
> contributed a few classes on the JAXMe project. 
> Thanks,
> Marius Gleeson

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