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From kkr...@bankofny.com
Subject Re: How to make sure v2 maintains v1 quality
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 21:07:18 GMT

I like it. 


Ken Kress                                     kkress@bankofny.com
SAS, The Bank of New York                            484.605.4834

"David Bau" <david.bau@bea.com>
11/21/2003 03:58 PM
Please respond to xmlbeans-dev

        To:     <xmlbeans-dev@xml.apache.org>
        Subject:        How to make sure v2 maintains v1 quality

Hey guys,

An issue asked by Scott+Remy this morning.  How do we keep v2 quality as
high as v1, even as v2 is changing and iterative fixes continue to be
checked into v1?

How about the following proposed rule - it's an idea I got from Andrew
Oliver at apachecon; he apparently enforces this kind of rule on his POI

(1) Any v1 change must come with an DRT test (i.e., a junit test that is 
when you say "ant drt") that would have failed without the patch, and 
passes with the patch.  No test, no checkin.

(2) Every checkin must also port the test into the v2 DRT, no exceptions.

(3) Every checkin should also port the test into the v1 code so that the 
DRT passes.  However, if the v2 code has changed so much that this is not
reasonable, then you're allowed to comment out the v2 DRT test that fails 
long as you open a bugzilla bug against v2 so we remember to get it to 

Do you think that is a workable approach?


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