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From robert burrell donkin <rdon...@apache.org>
Subject Re: XmlBeans.jar size
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 23:16:11 GMT

On 20 Nov 2003, at 21:11, David Bau wrote:

> Robert writes:
>> i'd suggest that creating a target that builds a runtime jar would be 
>> a
>> very worthy endeavour but i'd think carefully before distributing it
>> officially. it would be very useful if the runtime classes were
>> separated into different (documented) packages since this allows users
>> to roll their own runtime library just by unpacking and repacking a
>> distribution.
> Robert, this sounds like the right approach to me.
> Any interest in helping us make this happen, i.e., adding a 
> "split-jars"
> build target to our build.xml?
> As always, looking for help in any form.  :-)

realistically, i don't have the time right now. it's very likely that 
jakarta  matters are going to have to take up a lot (or more likely 
most) of my time in the near future.

i can now run java 1.4 on my main development machine and i have plans 
to take a better look at the xml-beans source but until i can set aside 
the time i need, i'm going to have to heckle from the sidelines...

so if there's anyone who's just dying to for an easy way to start 
contributing and fancy's a crack at this, now's a good time to jump 

- robert

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